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    Hurricane Irma Updates

    Updated Monday, 4:00 pm


    Due to the storm’s westward track, we will be hosting Courageous Churchmen and Ekklesia. Courageous Churchmen will begin Thursday morning, not Wednesday evening as previously planned. Attendees are welcome to join an informal gathering on Wednesday evening.

    Ekklesia will begin Friday evening as scheduled.

    Both conferences will be available via broadcast here: gibcjupiter.org/broadcast.

    Volunteers and host families: if you left the area in anticipation of the storm and are returning to the Jupiter area, please exercise caution in traveling. Don’t rush. If you were planning to host attendees for Courageous Churchmen but will be unable to do so, please contact Tim Woodward.


    Conference attendees: you will be receiving more information via email regarding flights, lodging, and cancellations.


    Please check this page or the church Facebook page for continued updates.