Resources / Thinking Biblically in Difficult Times


    Here are some recommended resources to help you guide you in biblical principles during difficult times.

    Resources are posted in chronological order, with most recent resources at the top.

    Churchmen Podcast

    Weekly update from Pastor Jerry, March 25th

    Jon Anderson, Northlake Bible Study

    Weekly update from Pastor Jerry, March 18th

    Daron Roberts

    Dr. Zemek: Thoughts to Renew Your Mind

    Part 1: Obeying Civil Authorities
    Part 2: Pep Talks
    Part 3: Lessons from Lamentations and Habakkuk
    Part 4: Stir-crazy, Cabin Fever

    External Links

    John MacArthur: The Promise of Peace in a Worried World
    Spurgeon and the Cholera Outbreak of 1854

    Tom Ascol: Thinking Christianly about the Coronavirus
    Grace Bible Church AZ: Thanksgiving-filled Prayer