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    ABIDE Summer Camp Announcement

    Dear youth group students and parents, 

    I write to you today with a heavy heart as I know the news I bring will come as a disappointment to many.  After much prayerful consideration and discussion, we have decided to cancel Abide summer camp for this summer.  I know that there are varying opinions on everything that has happened as a result of COVID-19.  Some would believe that the guidelines and restrictions placed upon us by the government are quite warranted, others believe they constitute an over-reaction.  In the end our responsibility as a church is not to opinionize on politics, or make political statements by our actions, but rather to humbly and carefully apply biblical principles to every decision we make.  Therefore, I wanted to give you a brief explanation of what drove our decision on this issue. 

    Romans 13:1-7 calls us to “be in subjection to governing authorities” and the text says to not do so would place us in a position in which we are “opposed to the ordinances of God”.  God has established governments for the purpose of protecting their citizenship and that is precisely what our government claims to be doing with these measures restricting all large gathering (not just churches).  Even if one were to believe that the governmental measures were unwarranted, Peter tells us in 1 Peter 2:18 that believers are still called to submit to those in authority over us even when we see them as “unreasonable”.  Certainly, there are times when believers must conscientiously disobey the government (Acts 5:29), but that is only if we are commanded to do something that God forbids or if we are forbidden to do something that God commands.  Summer camp is an wonderful ministry of our church founded upon biblical principles, however it is not a ministry that is mandated in the scriptures. 

    I am aware that we are making this decision during a time when there is an increasing move toward the re-opening of society from our government and that there is the possibility that by early July the guidelines against large gatherings could be relaxed.  However, we decided that canceling Abide this year was still the wisest decision for a number of reasons.  First, there continues to be much uncertainty in expert opinions about this virus and how it will progress in our communities.  Second, it is still very unclear how quickly governmental guidelines on gatherings for a group the size of our summer camp (over 300 people) will be relaxed.  Third, were the virus to still be a concern by the week of camp it would not be possible to ensure a reasonable amount of protection for our camp attendees as it would gather students from all over the state and social distancing measures would be almost impossible to maintain.  Fourth, with the many economic uncertainties we know that camp could place a financial strain upon the families sending their students to camp as well as the leaders taking time off of work to serve at camp.  And finally, there is the potential that the facility which hosts our camp (a currently closed college campus) could decide that their campus would remain closed over the summer.  In light of all these reason we felt it necessary to cancel the camp this year.  It does grieve us as a leadership team to make this decision as Abide is a ministry that we all have come to love and appreciate.  For that reason we did put off making the decision as long as we could in order to see if the above concerns would subside.  However, we are at the point now that we could not put off the decision any longer and all the churches associated with Abide are in agreement that there are just too many uncertainties to proceed forward with camp this year. 

    Our youth leadership team will be brainstorming some other ideas for some kind of a substitute for this ministry this year.  Our thought would be that perhaps we could plan a local event for later in the year that could give us many of the benefits of camp without all of the above concerns.  We will let you know as soon as those plans come together.  Certainly we all are looking forward to next summer when, Lord willing, we can once again gather together for Abide!  In the meantime, let’s continue to walk faithfully through this time together as a church.  Let’s continue to grow together in our faith in God’s plan during this challenging time.  Let’s continue to pray together for wisdom in all the decisions we face individually and corporately as the body of Christ.  And let’s continue to grow in our love for one another as we lay aside our differences of opinion and continue to sacrificially meet one another’s needs.  “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35).

    Your Brother in Christ,
    Brian Arnold
    Pastor of Student Ministries

    Live Stream and Zoom Meetings

    During the COVID-19 gathering restrictions, we are offering the following to all 7-12th grade students and their families:
    Wednesday Evening Bible Study with Pastor Brian via Livestream at 6:30 pm

    Wednesday Evening Small Group Discipleship Zoom Meetings:

    7:45 pm- 7th & 8th Grade Girls with Jenny, Kelly, and Sara
    7:45 pm- 9th and 10th Grade Girls with Dawn and Emma
    7:45 pm- 11th & 12th Grade Boys with Brandon, Brian and Gregory

    8:15 pm- 7th & 8th Grade Boys with Ben, Cameron, and Gonz
    8:15 pm- 9th & 10th Grade Boys with Bob and Ryan
    8:30 pm- 11th & 12th Grade Girls with Christy, Lisa and Tanya
    Please contact Brian (561-531-1828) for Sr High  -or- Gonzalo (561-523-9810) for Jr High, if you are not receiving the Zoom Meeting, Invites via email.

    Upcoming Events: 

    (Please note that due to the current COVID-19 gathering restrictions, all upcoming events have been cancelled through May 15th. All subsequent events are pending the lifting of restrictions). Please check the Events Calendar for times and further details on activities. 

       ♦  9th  TO BE RESCHEDULED  5:30-8:30 pm Seniors Graduation Banquet @ GIBC
       ♦  30th PENDING COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS BEING LIFTED AND POOL OPENING  5-8 pm (Sat) Youth Group Family Pool Party - North County Aquatic Center

       ♦  3rd — 6:30-8 pm GAME NIGHT @ GIBC
       ♦  10th — 6:30-8 pm Regular Youth Group @ GIBC
       ♦  13th — 5-8 pm (Sat) Youth Group Family Pool Party - North County Aquatic Center
       ♦  17th — 6:30-8 pm GAME NIGHT @ GIBC
       ♦  22nd —6:30-8PM Regular Youth Group @ GIBC

       ♦  1st— 6:30-8 pm Regular Youth Group @ GIBC
       ♦  8th --- 6:30-8pm GAME NIGHT @ GIBC
       ♦  15th — 6:30-8 pm GAME NIGHT @ GIBC
       ♦  22nd — 6:30-8 pm Regular Youth Group @ GIBC
       ♦  29th — 5-8 pm Youth Group Family Pool Party - North County Aquatic Center

       ♦  5th — 6:30-8 pm Regular Youth Group @ GIBC
       ♦  12th — 6:30-8 pm Regular Youth Group @ GIBC
       ♦  15th  — 5-8 pm Youth Group Family Pool Party - North County Aquatic Center
       ♦  19th — 6:30-8 pm Regular Youth Group schedule resumes

       ♦  6th — Sr. High discipleship groups (Men 12-3; Women 4-5:30) resumes 

       ♦  4th — Sr. High discipleship groups (Men 12-3; Women 4-5:30)
       ♦  17th — 5-8 pm Wonder'fall @ Torres Home

       ♦  6-8th — Jr. High Retreat, Camp Tanah Keetah (Boy Scout Camp) behind Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Tequesta

       ♦  6th — Sr. High discipleship groups (Men 12-3; Women 4-5:30)
       ♦  16th — 6-9 pm Christmas Party t/b/a

       ♦  6th — 6:30-8 pm Wednesday night youth group resumes