Sunday, Sep 27, 2020
Saul’s Continued Defiance
Speaker: Todd Murray
Passage: 1 Samuel 15
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In this passage we two additional failures of the rejected King Saul which document the condition of every unrepentant heart.


1. Saul’s Quasi-Obedience (vs. 1-23)

A. Samuel’s Command (vs. 1-3)

B. Saul’s Partial Obedience (vs. 4-9)

C. Samuel’s First Confrontation (vs. 10-14)                       

D. Saul’s First Denial (vs. 15)

E. Samuel’s Second Confrontation (vs. 16-19)      

F. Saul’s Second Denial (vs. 20-21)

G. Samuel’s Third Confrontation (vs. 22-23)

2. Saul’s Quasi-Repentance (vs. 24-31)

A. Saul’s First Quasi-confession (vs. 24-25a)

B. Saul’s Heart craving revealed (vs. 25b-27)

            C. Samuel’s Rebuke (vs. 28-29)

            D. Saul’s Second Quasi-confession (vs. 30)

E. Saul’s False Worship (vs. 31)

F. Samuel’s True Obedience (vs. 32-33)

G. Saul’s Utter isolation (vs. 34-35)