Tuesday, May 5, 2020
Discipleship: Taking Responsibility for Others (Part 9) - Helping Others to Forgive (Session 3)
Speaker: Jerry Wragg
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Near the end this session on forgiveness, Pastor Jerry began speaking about the situation where someone sins against us. Jerry said that there was something he will never forgot from his mentor, Dr. John MacArthur. John got in the habit in his heart of praying a particular prayer when on the receiving end of sin. We can all be encouraged to imitate the practical habits of godly mentors. He prayed like this:

O God, put me in the heart of forgiveness so that I may commune with You in the fullness of fellowship and joy, and not experience the chastening that comes without forgiveness. May I remember for everyone who sins against me, I have multiplied times sinned against You, and You have always forgiven me. At no point in time has any of my sin caused me to forfeit my eternal life, therefore, no one else’s sin should cause them to forfeit my love and mercy toward them.”