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Sunday, Mar 15, 2020AM Service
Preaching to Your Own Soul
Speaker: Daron Roberts
Passage: Psalm 103:1-22
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Today in the study of Psalm 103 authored by King David, we face off against an acute problem that we all face. Whether it be the circumstances of life, trials, health concerns, future fears, present burdens, or most importantly, seasons of sinfulness, we can all become discouraged.

God’s Word has a solution. First, ask yourself, “Do I preach to my own soul?” When faced with temptations to be discouraged, do you preach to your soul? Perhaps, you listen to yourself, remain downcast, and fall into despair or self-pity.

In today’s passage, Psalm 103:1-22, we will learn how we are to reject passivity in faith and exert our wills to preach the Word of God to our hearts and souls. Psalm 103 provides six sermons to preach to yourself when your soul is downcast:

  1. Soul, listen to me, you merited hell, but you were rewarded with heaven (Psalm 103:3).
  2. Soul, listen to me, you were a slave, now you are a child of the King (Psalm 103:4, 19).
  3. Soul, listen to me, God is not stingy when dispensing grace to you (Psalm 103:5-6).
  4. Soul, listen to me, God’s historical faithfulness only gives you the precedent to trust Him (Psalm 103:7-12).
  5. Soul, listen to me, Your Father knows your sinful frailties and pours compassion on you, His child (Psalm 103:13-14).
  6. Soul, listen to me, life is temporary. God is eternal. Live for His glory (Psalm 103:15-22).