Sunday, Jan 12, 2020AM Service
Eternal Life: A Cost Too High for Some (Part 2)
Speaker: Jerry Wragg
Passage: Luke 18:18-30
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Today, we continued our examination of the narrative in Luke 18:18-30 where Jesus evangelizes the rich young ruler. In part one, our outline was:

  1. The Anxious Seeker (Luke 18:18)
  2. Jesus responds with an exposing question (Luke 18:19)
  3. Jesus points out an obvious theology (Luke 18:20)
  4. A blind boast (Luke 18:21)
  5. The obstacle revealed (Luke 18:22)

Eternal life is a cost too high for some!

This week, Jesus will go on to teach us a new perspective to live without trusting in things.

There is a stumbling block for every unbeliever. There is something that keeps them from Christ. Salvation cannot be earned; God alone paid the price. But still, God’s Word teaches that there this is a personal cost. And that cost is faith and entrustment in the finished work of Christ. Everybody’s obstacle is themselves; they are the reason that they do not believe. Every unbeliever will not accept the reality that they are not preeminent. Salvation is on God’s terms in God’s way.

The obstacle for the unbelieving heart is revealed by what they won’t relinquish. Following Christ requires devotion to Christ, and any other love cannot rival one’s love for Christ. In Luke 18:23, we see the rich young ruler is shattered, but not shattered like the Apostle Paul who drew close to Christ and repented. This man left sad as he was trusting in his riches and failed Christ’s test.

Today, we learn lessons for a soul and his money:

  1. Wealth offers a false hope of security.
  2. God alone is man’s true security.
  3. The promises of God are riches beyond our imagination (to be examined next week).