Sunday, Nov 10, 2019AM Service
The Gospel According to Children (Part 3) - Kingdom Attitudes Here & Now
Speaker: Jerry Wragg
Passage: Luke 18:15-17
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In Luke 18:15-17, Jesus declares a settled matter. If one does not welcome the kingdom like a child, he will not enter it.

Over the last two weeks, we first examined how Christ reveals the greatest stumbling block for salvation. No sinner can come to Christ, if they think they are worthy and trust in themselves with pride. And then last week, we examined the opposite of humility – pride. If we are going to grow in humility, we have to know when we are being prideful. Last week, we studied over twenty, often neglected, manifestations of pride

This week, we will look at our example of humility. Christ is THE example and THE measure in which we must examine ourselves. Pride is blinding. It is never excusable or justifiable. Isaiah 66:2 says that God will make useful the one who is humble, lives a confessional life, and trembles at God’s Word. Why is Christ our measuring stick? Hebrews 12:2ff says that while running we are to fix our eyes on Christ; the author and perfecter of the race. Verse 3, “For consider Him…” (and specifically His humility) in faith. He never became weary in His striving against sin! We are to strive in the same way!

As we look to Christ’s example, we must consider six aspects of His life and death:

  1. The incarnation of Christ
    • He loved us so much, He became one of us.
    • He lived a sinless life, died and rose as one of us.
    • He condescended to us in love and chose to live in our infirmities.
    • John 13:34 – “as I have loved you…”
      • God left His glories to love us.
      • This was a new commandment, die to your own self-importance.
      • He humbled Himself – we are called to live the same way.
    • 1 John 1:11 – His own did not receive Him.
  2. Christ’s sheer submission
    • Mark 14:36 – Christ recoiled in His humanity because of the foreign guilt which would result in the rejection by the Father. But still, He submitted to God’s will.
    • John 12:31 – The ruler of this world would be cast out. This could not be accomplished without Christ’s submission.
    • These are truths that we do not simply ponder. We must act upon them and submit to God’s will and commands.
    • Regularly dying to ourselves causes us to practice and learn humility.
  3. The humiliation of Christ
    • Philippians 2:6-7 – Christ was obedient to the point of death; even death in the most painful and humiliating way; on a cross.
    • Deut 21:23 – Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree.
    • Isaiah 53:4 – Smitten and afflicted of God.
    • Christ was obedient with the goal of redemption. He had to humiliate Himself by taking the sin upon Him.
    • The wages of sin is death. There was no other way that God would be satisfied. Sin was the offense that made the cross necessary.
  4. Christ’s substitutionary atonement
    • Christ welcomes and accepts what we deserve.
    • We should be hated, but Christ was hated.
    • Christ should have been loved, but we were loved.
    • He carried our weaknesses and bore our iniquities (1 Peter 2:24). All our offenses fell on to Him.
    • Christ lived a perfect life for us (Galatians 4:4) and He was punished for us!
  5. His resurrection
    • Romans 6:4 – He is the power given to us to have victory over sin. We walk in newness of life thru His resurrection.
    • But it is all by grace (Ephesians 2); it is a gift of God. He gives us faith and repentance.
    • Did you know, every time we say no to sin, it is a miracle of redemption?
  6. His exultation
    • Christ is seated at the right hand of God the Father (Romans 8:34) and He is our sovereign ruler!!
    • Christ reigns as God and man forever!
    • His name is above every name. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Christ is Lord.

Why wait, let’s bow now! Amen!