Sunday, Nov 3, 2019
The Causes and Cure of Spiritual Heart Disease
Speaker: Todd Murray
Passage: Matthew 11:20-30
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With perfect discernment, Jesus authoritatively addresses three different kinds of human hearts. 

  1. His Sober Condemnation of Unrepentant Hearts (vs. 20-24)
    1. The Recipients of His Condemnation (vs. 20)
    2. The Severity of His Condemnation (vs. 21-24)
  2. His Sovereign Revelation to Dependent Hearts (vs. 25-27)
    1. His Praise Concerning the Father’s Role in Revelation (vs. 25-26)
    2. His Claim Concerning the Son’s Role in Revelation (vs. 27)
  3. His Tender Invitation to Heavy-laden Hearts (11:28-30)
    1. Come to Him and Receive Rest (vs. 28)
    2. Learn from Christ and Receive Rest (vs. 29-30)