Sunday, Oct 6, 2019AM Service
Two Paths: Which Will You Choose? (Part 2)
Speaker: Jerry Wragg
Passage: Luke 18:9-14
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In Luke 18:9-14, Jesus tells us the parable of the Pharisee and the Publican. We learn that salvation does not come to the one whose view of God and himself is like the Pharisee. Genuine believers represent the opposite attitude. Genuine believers know that they are unworthy; only Christ is worthy.

Now as saved believers in Christ, how do we resist acting and thinking like the Pharisee? Would do we resist exalting ourselves? We must believe that our access to God was gift solely bestowed on us by God’s grace through Christ. We also must practice and develop six spiritual habits that God exalts.

  1. Live desperate and needy for Christ’s nutrients.
    • We have great need for the truth of Christ in God’s Word. He teaches us how to live in His Word.
    • If we fail to learn from Christ, we will quickly become self-exalting and self-worshipping.
  2. Be biblically precise about sin.
    • Know the terror and shame of the cross; sin is despicable and it put Christ on the cross.
    • Out of the mouth, the heart speaks.
  3. Starve your appetite for glory.
    • Cultivate habits of anonymity.
    • Mortify a thought-life that aims to take even the slightest credit for anything, including skills and giftings, all which have been given to us by God.
    • Don’t crave recognition. Seek for Christ to be exalted and not yourself.
  4. Truly believe you are the chief of sinners.
    • Know and believe that even on your best day that you are an offense to God.
    • Regularly confess the exaltation of your own righteousness.
  5. Offer thanksgiving for any kind of existence God gives to you.
    • At the very root, be thankful that God forgave you and did not leave you in your sin.
    • Thank Him for every single grace and mercy. Christ embraced your guilt and shed His blood for you.
    • Thank God that evil doesn’t overtake you.
  6. Reject outright the love of fame, wealth, and earthly fulfillment.
    • Practicing a life of loving fame and glory offends God. He alone is to be glorified.