Sunday, Aug 18, 2019AM Service
A Long Faithfulness in the Same Direction
Speaker: Jerry Wragg
Passage: Romans 5:1-8
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In Romans 5:1-8, the Apostle Paul gives us three convictions that lead us to faithfulness. A Biblical conviction is knowing truth from God’s Word and humbly submitting to that truth by faith.

  1. The conviction that hope does not come from anything human (Romans 5:1-2). Holding this conviction, we find several aspects that drive faithfulness:
    • We have peace with God. Hostility is now absent for the Christian.
    • We are acceptable to God and declared innocent of all charges.
    • The believer is in a state of comprehensive security and rest. Even when sinning, the Christian remains a child of God.
    • We have a clear conscience and possess peace as a settled fact (not just a feeling).
    • We are now free to serve Christ and His purposes.
    • In grace, we stand by faith in Christ. Salvation is not of us, but of God; His doing, thus it is secure.
    • Our hope of being with God in glory is secured by His promises.
  2. The conviction that trouble is the path of triumph (Romans 5:3-4)
    • Incorrectly, we often think that we would be more useful to the Lord without trials and afflictions.
    • A trial or an affliction is anything and everything that pressures us mildly or extremely.
    • There are two categories at the root of trials/pressure.
      • Natural evils
      • Moral evils
    • Notice, we don’t boast in the midst of trials, but we boast as we come through them; as we walk through them.
    • A life of affliction is promised in scripture (Psalm 34:19; John 14:1; 1 Peter 4:12-13). But, side-by-side with those promises is the promise of God’s faithfulness and lovingkindness.
    • God has ordained all pressure, and thus, our faithfulness under pressure is rooted in our belief that the pressure is from Him. All pressure is for our best and His glory. (Romans 8:28-29)
    • Unless squeezed by the Lord, we will not be weaned off of our self-reliance.
    • And notice the language, the pressure is responsible for producing fruit:
      • Trouble brings about endurance (c.f. James 1)
      • Perseverance produces proven-character.
      • Persecution leads to love, compassion, and courage with the Truth.
      • Proven-character produces more hope and a stronger anchor.
  3. The conviction that hope does not disappoint; hope is powerful for what is to come (Romans 5:5).
    • The Bible tells us that sufferings are momentary and light (Romans 8:18).
    • Thus, as God pressures us, we know that we will be made complete; nothing is left out. Our hope is settled.
    • An eternal depth of fruit is being produced, beyond our comprehension.
    • The fruit is guaranteed, because of the love of God at the cross and given to us in His Word.
    • The love of God is permanently sealed in us through the ministry of the Holy Spirit who has taken up His abode in every true believer.
    • We abide in Him and He in us as we obey His commandments (John 15:10).
    • Human love evaluates the object of affection, while divine love is based only on the nature of the Giver.