Saturday, Feb 9, 2019
Session 4 - Presuppositional Apologetics and the Power of the Word
Passage: Psalm 19 & Romans 1
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The SUPERIORITY of the Bible

Psalm 19 summarizes the two main highways of God’s Self-revelation:
1A. (vv. 1-6) God, the Creator’s, general Self-disclosure in the world. 
    1B. (vv. 1-4b) The publication of the skies.
        1C. (v. 1) Its indications
        2C. (v. 2) Its incessancy 
        3C. (v. 3) Its irony
        4C. (v. 4a,b) Its immensity
    2B. (vv. 4c-6) The prominence of the sun.
        1C. (v. 4c) Its residence
        2C. (v. 5) Its resemblance
        3C. (v. 6 a,b) Its range
        4C. (v. 6c) Its rays

A PIT STOP before the Highways interchange: Romans 1:18 ff.

2A. (vv. 7-14) God, the Savior’s, special Self-disclosure in the Word.
    1B. (vv. 7-8) We must acknowledge the attributes and power of the Word.
        1C. (v. 7a) Its instruction produces change.
        2C. (v. 7b) Its witness instills wisdom.
        3C. (v. 8a) Its oversight brings satisfaction.
        4C. (v. 8b) Its regulation generates illumination.
    2B. (vv. 9-11) We need to grow in our appreciation for the Word.
        1C. (vv. 9-10) This appreciation is based on the nature of the Word. 
        2C. (v. 11) This appreciation is based on the nurture of the Word. 
    3B. (vv. 12-14) We should be welcoming the application of the Word.
         1C. (v. 12a) Being ‘in the Word’ exposes our sin. 
         2C. (vv. 12b-14) Being ‘in the Word’ drives us to prayer.