Sunday, Jan 13, 2019
Don't Waste Your 2019 (Part 2)
Speaker: Daron Roberts
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17 Threats to a Spiritually Thriving 2019

  1. Focusing more on a finding a mate than maturing in Christ
  2. Nurturing bitterness over unmet desires
  3. Choosing friends that don’t fear God
  4. Searching for counsel that flatters your flesh
  5. Making excuses for disobedience
  6. Allowing sin to grow by not keeping short accounts
  7. Polishing up a habit of dishonesty
  8. Staying on the fringe of the church
  9. Neglecting the flow of discipleship
  10. Craving a more palatable pulpit
  11. Entertaining (with no filter) negative speech about a faithful church
  12. Pursuing a relieved rather than clean conscience
  13. Feeding a fear of man/a love for man’s approval
  14. Neglecting the reading of the Word
  15. Appreciating Truth that you don’t apply (consuming sermons without obeying)
  16. Preferring anything in this world over Christ
  17. Living by emotion rather than by faith