Sunday, Jan 13, 2019
Declaration of Dependence
Speaker: Todd Murray
Passage: John 15:1-11
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In John 15:1-11, Jesus provides an extended metaphor of a fruitful vine. He commands His disciples to be constantly dependent on Him in two realms:

  1. The Command to Depend on Christ’s Indispensable Life (vv. 1-8)
    1. The Illustration of Dependence (vv. 1-3)
    2. The Command of Dependence (v. 4a)
    3. The Futility of Self-Sufficiency (v. 4b)
    4. The Fruitfulness of Dependence (v. 5)
    5. The Danger of Self-Sufficiency (v. 6)
    6. The Reward of Dependence (v. 7)
    7. The Result of Dependence (v. 8)
  2. The Command to Depend on Christ’s Sacrificial Love (vv. 9-11)
    1. The Command of Dependence (v. 9)
    2. The Means of Dependence (v. 10a)
    3. The Pattern of Dependence (v. 10b)
    4. The Joy of Dependence (v. 11)