Sunday, Dec 9, 2018AM Service
Following Christ is Costly (Part 3)
Speaker: Jerry Wragg
Passage: Luke 14:34-35
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Today, Pastor Jerry Wragg shared a sermon on a key passage of scripture. As part of his introduction, he provided a list on the ways a Christian can make an impact on others. Here is his list:

Impact of a Christian

  1. Moral conscience in the culture
  2. Resource of divine Truth
  3. A model of virtue without the love of worldliness
  4. A model of humility under God and not selfishly ambitious
  5. A lover of souls wanting others to know Christ
  6. Sacrificial giver of time, treasures and talents. Not just consumers.
  7. A source of moral strength and encouragement to others when facing trials, since we know God’s word.
  8. A deterrent to evil and hostile toward evil itself.
  9. A channel for others to learn Christ.