Sunday, Nov 25, 2018AM Service
Following Christ is Costly (Part 1)
Speaker: Jerry Wragg
Passage: Luke 14:25-33
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In our last series in the book of Luke, we saw how Jesus confronted spiritual hypocrisy and the kind of pride that results in an unwillingness to following Jesus on His terms. Today on the heels of the last study on how to crush pride, we find Christ in Luke 14:25 and following testing our discipleship. Plainly, devotion to Christ cannot have a rival. One cannot have a greater love for anything else above Jesus.

Before we study the principles of true discipleship, it is helpful to consider some of the superficial reasons why people claim they follow Christ:

  • Some follow Christ for financial prosperity
    • They think faith is the key to a “name it and claim it” life.
    • Luke 16:13 – No slave can serve two masters; you cannot serve God and money.
    • Colossians 2:3 – Set you mind on the things above.
  • Following Christ is part of a family lineage
    • Families are aligned around generalities.
    • They think being a Christian is a better way to live
    • 2 Cor. 5:10 – Each one will be recompensed for his deeds; thus, there is no partiality with God favoring families together; each person must stand before the Lord, alone.
  • Being in a Christian circle is a place to be accepted as I am and not judged
    • Even though there are rugged consequences for sin, I escape to church where I can work out my past at my own pace.
    • They seek a place where truth is soft, but there is no healing and conversion without gospel Truth.  
  • By being a disciple of Christ, my personal fears will be calmed
    • Fears of death, or being exposed, or being alone, or being unworthy of God will be dispelled because there is safety in the church.
  • By being a Christian, I will inherit a ready-made audience
    • They think church is their classroom where they can learn and instruct others. Instructing others gives them a sense of authority.
  • Being a Christian allows some save face
    • These live in a religious pretense. They love the world and the things in it.
    • They live any way they want during the week, but on Sunday they show up and put on the act of faith.
  • And still others attach themselves to Christ to:
    • Save their marriage
    • Settle conflicts with children & family
    • Expand their business with new church going customers
    • Promote their own teaching ministry.


Now let us examine the first principle of a true disciple of Christ:

  1. No higher loves than Him (Luke 14:26)
    • Christ is not saying that we are not to love our family.
    • Christ is not supporting disdain or contempt for others.
    • In Matthew 10, we see the expanded explanation of this text: “By comparison”.
    • He is saying that your closest and most intimate relationships cannot be loved higher than Christ.
    • If mother, brother, father, or sister hold a questionable gospel, then you don’t align with their views over the true gospel.
    • These are the relationships that give us the most comfort, so Jesus confronts our hearts here, first.
    • When family collides with following Christ, He must win.
    • Trust in nothing, except Christ. We must believe:
      1. All other trusts are corrupt.
      2. Any other attachment is superficial
    • We come to Christ as our teacher and we are His learners.
    • We must have no higher affection than Christ.