Sunday, Nov 18, 2018AM Service
Pride Crushers (Part 7)
Speaker: Jerry Wragg
Passage: Luke 14
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Today, we will finish our excursion from the exposition of Luke 14 to study the root cause of what keeps people from the Truth of the Gospel. The root cause is PRIDE

In Luke 14:1-24, Jesus Christ exposed Six Characteristics of a Prideful Heart.

  1. Pride Hates Righteousness (verse 1)
  2. Pride Sets Its Own Trap (verse 2)
  3. Pride is Selective with Scripture (verse 3-5)
  4. Pride Seeks the Praises of Men (verses 7-11)
  5. Pride Gives with Ulterior Motives (verses 12-14)
  6. Pride Ignores Eternal Implications (verses 15-24)

Jesus said in Luke 14:11, “Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.” Christ confronted the Pharisees in Luke 14. And in verse 11, Christ teaches us that if you think you are something, God is going to put things in your life to bring you to a place where you see yourself rightly. Those who work to see themselves rightly will be exalted in usefulness to God. The goal in striving against pride and growing in humility is to become more useful to the Lord.

In this series, we have outline of twelve practical principles for crushing pride and cultivating humility:

  1. Submit to the sovereign Lordship of Christ.
  2. Learn from the Scriptures why the cross was necessary to save sinners.
  3. Open your heart to the corrective work of the Spirit.
  4. When you sin, run to God for mercy, instead hiding it or trying to fix it yourself.
  5. When others sin against you, be like Christ and lavishly forgive them.
  6. Pursue righteous ambition and flee every other kind.
  7. Forsake unrighteous jealousy and envy.
  8. Confess that what we have is undeserved.
  9. Rejoice when others are exalted.
  10. Never inflate your self-assessment.
  11. Embrace obscurity.
  12. Nurture a heart of contentment.