Sunday, Nov 11, 2018AM Service
Pride Crushers (Part 6)
Speaker: Jerry Wragg
Passage: Luke 14
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Today, we continue our excursion from the exposition of Luke 14 to study the root cause of what keeps people from the Truth of the Gospel. The root cause is PRIDE.  This study will help the Christian avoid the drift back into the pride that blinded us before coming to Christ.

In Luke 14:1-24, Jesus Christ exposed Six Characteristics of a Prideful Heart.

  1. Pride Hates Righteousness (verse 1)
  2. Pride Sets Its Own Trap (verse 2)
  3. Pride is Selective with Scripture (verse 3-5)
  4. Pride Seeks the Praises of Men (verses 7-11)
  5. Pride Gives with Ulterior Motives (verses 12-14)
  6. Pride Ignores Eternal Implications (verses 15-24)

The Pharisees were all about puffing themselves up. We must not puff ourselves up, too. We are to practice nurturing the opposite; humility. We must fortify our hearts against the tendency to drift into blatant pride and even more subtle forms of it.

Coming into this week, we have examined four pride crushers in this series:

  1. Remember that Christ is Lord of your life and work to cultivate the practice of submitting to His sovereign Lordship (Ephesians 1:11).
    • It cultivates humility in us to believe in Christ’s Lordship, declare it, and submit our hearts to His sovereignty.
  2. Remember what it took for Christ to save us. That is, look at the cross and learn everything that Scripture says about it.
    • Most notably that Jesus went to the cross on behalf of our guilt, therefore the cross was necessary because of our sin; your sin; my sin.
    • It nurtures humility to learn more and more about Christ’s life and death in the gospels.
    • Without a deep understanding and appreciation of the cross, you will drift into forms of pride that will destroy your Christian witness, as you develop an apathy about the necessity of the cross.
  3. Open your heart to the rebuke of the Spirit. The reproof, correction, and training in righteousness that accompanies the Spirit’s renewing process (2 Timothy 3:16-17).
  4. Nurture humility through confession/repentance and forgiveness of others when they sin against us (Psalm 51 and Matthew 18:21-35).
    • We nurture humility by going to God for mercy when we sin without any attempt to cover it up, make excuses, or blame-shift.
    • And, not only seek forgiveness for our failures, but to grant willingly, lavishly, and compassionately forgiveness to all those who sin against us, whether they ask us or not.
    • It nurtures humility to release our right to judge others.

This week, we will examine the fifth pride crusher:

  1. Pursue righteous ambition and flee every other kind.
    • In other words, do not cultivate thoughts, motives, or activities that feed personal ambition in your heart.
    • Paul said in Philippian 1:12-17 that some men proclaimed Christ out of selfish ambition rather than pure motives.
    • Pride begins in the motives. We must test the motives when trying to nurture humility.
    • We are to make it our ambition (2 Cor. 5:9) to please the Lord, thus we have to look at this at the heart level.
    • In James 3:13-16, if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your heart….   Defined: Selfish ambition in the heart has the motive of pride, arrogance, and it is coming against the truth.

If we are to pursue righteous ambition we must:

  1. Confess and forsake unrighteous jealousy and envy.
    • Step #1 – Avoid exonerating our motives.
      • Typically, when guilty of hurting someone, we say subjectively, “That wasn’t my intention,” or, “I didn’t mean to.”
      • What was the real motive of the heart?
      • According to James 4:5, the spirit is jealous to control all of our desires.
    • Step #2 – To remedy our tendency to pridefully claim our innocence, we must complete a more thorough and objective analysis of thoughts, desires, affections, and motives.
      • Are my thoughts, intentions, desires, and motives Biblical?
    • Step #3 – Forsake sinful jealousy and envy.
      • Jealousy: Is to crave what others possess and resent their enjoyment of what God has given to them.
      • Envy: Is to maliciously desire to take what others have for your own enjoyment.
  2. Confess that what we have is undeserved.
    • 1 Cor. 4:5-7
      • (v.5) When Christ comes, God reveals the heart behind everything. Stop trying to get trophies now. Wait on Him.
      • (v.6) Don’t be arrogant and go beyond what is written (such as Luke 17:10 – we are unworthy slaves only doing what we ought).
      • (v.7) Don’t boast in what you have.
    • James 4:13-15
      • As we make our plans, everything the Lord wills is undeserved.
      • “If the Lord wills,” means that He grants undeserved privileges. A Christian prays for God’s will as he abides in Christ in an upright manner, then the Lord answers the prayer according to His purposes.
      • We offer our talents, all of them, to Him every day. We are at Christ’s disposal to made useful for His purposes, if He wills it.
      • Refrain from boasting about anything He allows. You didn’t do it with your talents; God allowed it for His purposes.
  3. Rejoice when others are exalted.
    • Don’t envy as to steal glory from others and don’t work to prevent their honor.
    • Lift up others to support and encourage them. Bless others and regard them as more important than you.
    • Thank the Lord for your obscure ministry.
    • 1 Cor 12 – the Lord composed the Body/the church, just as He willed with various talents and gifting, just as He wanted it.
    • It honors Christ when those who are the most gifted to love obscurity, while showing more honor to the behind-the-scenes people.