Sunday, Nov 4, 2018
Songs for the Journey - Promises Made, Promises Kept
Speaker: Todd Murray
Passage: Psalm 132:1-18
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In this psalm’s poetic celebration of arrival of the ark of the covenant in Jerusalem, the utter reliability of the Lord’s promise to send His Messiah is displayed through the rehearsing of two remarkable vows.


1. The David’s Oath to God Commemorated (vs. 1-10)

A. The Psalmist’s Prayer (vs. 1-5)

      1. David’s Vow Remembered (vs. 1)

      2. David’s Vow Reviewed (vs. 2-5)


 B. The People’s Prayer (vs.6-10)

      1. Their Enthusiastic Worship (vs. 6-7)

      2. Their Confident Requests (vs. 8-10)          


2. The LORD’s Oath to David Reiterated (vs. 11-18)

A. The LORD’s Assurance Regarding David (vs. 11-12)

      1. Assurance of an Immediate Heir (vs. 11)

      2. Assurance of an Eternal Heir (vs. 12)


 B. The LORD’s Assurance Regarding Zion (vs. 13-18)

      1. The Lord’s Decisive Choice of Zion (vs. 13-14)

      2. The Lord’s Abundant Blessing on Zion (vs. 15-16)

      3. The Lord’s Ultimate Anointed One in Zion (vs. 17-18)