Sunday, Oct 7, 2018
Songs for the Journey - The Ultimate Hope of Forgiveness
Speaker: Todd Murray
Passage: Psalm 130:1-8
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The psalmist demonstrates his profound convictions regarding of the forgiveness of sin in two different arenas.


1. A Declaration of Personal Assurance of Forgiveness [vs. 1-6]

A. His Desperate Prayer [vs. 1-2]


B. His Consoling Meditation [vs. 3-4]

                  On the Lord’s Holy Omniscience [Vs.3]



                  On the Lord’s Gracious Forgiveness [Vs. 4]


C. His Hopeful Waiting [vs. 5-6]

                  His Anticipation Stated [vs. 5]



                  His Anticipation Illustrated [vs. 6]


2. A Call for Corporate Assurance of Forgiveness   [vs. 7-8] 

A. The Plea for National Hope [vs. 7a]


B. The Grounds for Such Hope [7b-8]

                  The LORD’s Lovingkindness [vs. 7b]



                  The LORD’s Abundant Redemption [vs. 7c]



                  The LORD’s Ultimate Redemption [vs. 8]