Sunday, Sep 30, 2018AM Service
Pride Crushers (Part 2)
Speaker: Jerry Wragg
Passage: Luke 14
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Today, we continue our excursion from the exposition of Luke 14 for a more in-depth examination of the root cause of what keeps people from the Truth of the Gospel. The root cause is PRIDE.  This study will help the Christian avoid the drift back into the pride that blinded us before coming to Christ.

In Luke 14:1-24, Jesus Christ exposed Six Characteristics of a Prideful Heart:

  1. Pride Hates Righteousness (verse 1)
  2. Pride Sets Its Own Trap (verse 2)
  3. Pride is Selective with Scripture (verse 3-5)
  4. Pride Seeks the Praises of Men (verses 7-11)
  5. Pride Gives with Ulterior Motives (verses 12-14)
  6. Pride Ignores Eternal Implications (verses 15-24)

God’s word teaches us how to crush pride and nurture humility. We examined the first two last week:

  1. Submit to the sovereign Lordship of Christ (Ephesians 1:11)
  2. Learn, own, embrace, and believe everything that Christ did on the cross.

This week, we will look intensely at the third pride crusher:

  1. Open your heart to the Spirit’s renewal (2 Timothy 3:16-17)
    • The truth of God’s Word bears down on the things that need to change.
    • The reality is, “I am unrighteous.” So, I must learn righteousness.
    • V.17 The target is for the Christian to be equipped for every good work.
    • Hebrews 12:11 teaches us that God will bring discipline to produce the peaceful fruit of righteousness.
    • God’s Word rebukes = it teaches us where we are wrong; where we sin and offend God.
    • God’s Word reproofs = it teaches us that the consequences of our sin are just and right (God is just when He judges – Psalm 51:4)
    • God’s Word corrects = it teaches us a sanctification process that is necessary to change. As we are renewed in God’s word, we practice a new way of living.
    • God’s Word is profitable = we measure our progress by how we increase in holiness.
    • God’s Word promises = the end result is that we are made adequate for every good work.