Sunday, Aug 12, 2018
Songs for the Journey - Safe and Secure from All Alarms
Speaker: Todd Murray
Passage: Psalm 125:1-5
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The psalmist paints two radically constraining portraits between those who do and do not trust the LORD.



1. The blessing for those who trust the LORD [vs. 1-4]

  1. Trust Leads to Permanence [vs. 1]



  1. Trust Leads to Protection [vs. 2]



  1. Trust Brings Perseverance [vs. 3]
    1. The LORD’s Promise [vs. 3a]
  1. The LORD’s Purpose [vs. 3b]



  1. Trust leads to Prayer [vs. 4]


2. The curse of those who do not trust the LORD [vs. 5a]



Benediction [vs. 5b]