Sunday, Jul 22, 2018
Songs for the Journey - The LORD is on Our Side
Speaker: Todd Murray
Passage: Psalm 124:1-8
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In this psalm, David models two ways to respond to the LORD’s timely and powerful deliverance from peril and provision of security.

  1. Declaration of the LORD’s Deliverance (vs. 1-5)
    1. Attestation of the Lord’s Mercy (vs. 1-2)
    2. Illustrations of Man’s Malice (vs. 3-5)
      1. Anger like a Ravenous Beast (v. 3)
      2. A Raging River (vs. 4-5)
  2. Exaltation of the LORD’s Deliverance (vs. 6-8)
    1. Invitation to Praise the Rescuer (v. 6a)
    2. Illustrations of the Lord’s Rescue (vs. 6b-7)
      1. Saved from the Jaws of Death (v. 6b)
      2. Saved from the Trapper’s Snare (v. 7)
    3. Affirmation of the Sovereignty of the Rescuer (v. 8)