Sunday, Jun 17, 2018
Songs for the Journey - Homesick for Peace
Speaker: Todd Murray
Passage: Psalm 120:1-7
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In these brief verses, the psalmist models two spiritual responses to the distressing pressure of living in a fallen and hostile world



1. The Psalmist’s Confidence in the LORD’s Response [vs.1-4]

A. His Certainty in the LORD’s Rescue [vs. 1-2]

                         1. His Testimony of Past Answered Prayer [vs. 1] 




                         2. His Petition for Present Deliverance [vs.2]





B. His Certainty in the LORD’s Retribution [vs. 3-4]

             1. His Rhetorical Question [vs. 3]




             2. His Rhetorical Answer [vs. 4]




2. The Psalmist’s Grief at the World’s Resistance [vs. 5-7]

             A. The Psalmist’s Misery [vs.5-6]





B. The World’s Hostility [vs.7]