Sunday, Jun 3, 2018
The Certainty of Christ’s Second Coming Part 5: Living Now in the Light of the End
Speaker: Todd Murray
Passage: 2 Peter 3:14-18
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Peter summarizes his concerns for the church with four duties of those who live in the hope of the coming day of the Lord.


1. Duty #1: Diligently Pursue a Holy Life [vs. 14]

A. Motivation [vs. 14a]  

B. Instruction [vs. 14b] 

2. Duty #2: Rightly Perceive God’s Patience [vs. 15-16]    

A. Instruction [vs.15a] 

B. Paul’s corroboration [vs. 15b-16]

1. The source of Paul’s writings [vs.15b]

                   2. The content of Paul’s writings [vs.15c-16b]    

                   3. The distortion of Paul’s writings [vs.16c-e]                    

3.  Duty #3: Carefully Guard Doctrinal Stability [vs. 17]   

A. Motivation [vs. 17a]

B. Instruction [vs. 17b]

C. Dangers [17c]  

4. Duty #4: Constantly Grow in Spiritual Knowledge [vs. 18a]  

         A. Instruction [18a]

         B. Motivation/doxology [vs.18b]