Sunday, Apr 29, 2018
The Certainty of Christ’s Second Coming Part 4: Living in the Light of His Return
Speaker: Todd Murray
Passage: 2 Peter 3:10-13
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Peter gives two detailed insights into the certain

coming of the day of the Lord.


1. Affirmation of the Coming Day of the Lord [vs. 10]

A. Declaration of Destruction [10a]



B. Description of Destruction [10b-d]

1. It Will Come Without Warning [vs. 10b]



2. The Heavens will Pass Away [10c]



3. The Earth will be Burned [10d]


2. Implications of the Coming Day of the Lord [vs. 11-13]

             A. The Duty to Lead Holy Lives [vs. 11]




             B. The Description of Holy Lives [vs. 12-13]

                         1. Eagerly Expecting the Day of Judgment [vs. 12]



                         2. Eagerly expecting Promise of Recreation [vs. 13]