Sunday, Mar 18, 2018PM Service
God's People in Laodicea (Part 2): How to Spot a Lukewarm Church
Speaker: Jerry Wragg
Passage: Revelation 3:14-22
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There are at least fifteen signs that a church is lukewarm. These will help you spot a lukewarm church and recognize the dangers:

  1. The church is not teaching the truth with precision and clarity. They prefer to teach general truth without expounding and heralding the scriptures the way that God wanted them to be taught.
  2. The Biblical implications are ignored. They are teaching generalities. This results in the absence of the study of the implications from Scripture. They are working to crush idols with God’s Word and examining the heart, desires, and motives behind the things they do.
  3. A superficial peace with weak and sinful believers becomes the norm. They get comfortable with each other’s sinfulness. They don’t speak the truth in love, confront sin, and help one another (Galatians 6:1). We cannot be comfortable with sin in the church.
  4. Convictions about personal holiness as a life pursuit are viewed as overkill.  A lukewarm church doesn’t want to talk about what the Bible says about holy living.
  5. Preaching morphs into something more palatable.
  6. Cultural taboos, questionable cultural morals and worldly influences ooze into the body life of the church. These get redefined as freedoms or liberties.
  7. New leaders rise-up with unproven or morally weakened character. The standard for leadership leaves scripture behind. There is compromise in new leaders based on a belief that we are all messy and sinners. Warm bodies begin teaching from their opinions.
  8. Social gospel efforts begin to consume the time and resources of the church. Why? Because it is easier to do “Christian Peace Corps” work instead of emphasizing the grace of special revelation in the gospel of Christ.
  9. Doctrinal statements start to get reworded to be more inclusive and less definitive. They become general summaries without the depth and breadth of Scripture.
  10. Church discipline is abandoned all together as unloving.
  11. Men abdicate their spiritual leadership in the church and various aggressive women begin to clamor for leadership roles.    
  12. Families start to promote more positive views of cultural morality. Dads and Moms become more positive about cultural morality and entertainment allowing their kids unfettered access to the culture. Children become precocious at young ages. Their fashion and entertainment diets are all about the world. Families are being influences to move their kids conflict free into the world at faster and faster paces.   
  13. The core marriages of the church are drifting into worldliness. Divorcing without confronting or confessing sin. They become narcissistic and neglectful of their parenting. They are immersed in worldly entertainment.
  14. Truth in the church isn’t debated and nobody contends for the truth. Absent from the church is the cleansing of error and preparing for the schemes of Satan.
  15. And, if enough people still feed off their religious appearances, the church still claims to be a vibrant place where sinners can find God.