Sunday, Jan 28, 2018AM Service
Does God Even Know or Care What I am Facing?
Speaker: Jerry Wragg
Passage: Luke 12:5-7
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Today, we will finish this important section since the beginning of Luke 12 that helped us learn more about the fear of God. In today’s passage we ask at the outset, “Does God even know or care about what I am facing?”

All through Scripture we are told to put our hope in God for our ultimate security. Hope must be grounded in a reliable source. The truth revealed in God’s word says that He is the anchor for our souls. Some of those passages are:

Isaiah 25:1                2 Thessalonians 3:3              Psalm 121:3

Psalm 55:22              1 Corinthians 10:13              Psalm 138:8

Psalm 59:16              Lamentations 3:22-23            Psalm 107:9

James 1:17                Psalm 86:5                           Luke 12:4-5

God promises intimate watch care over all things and in all circumstances. Fear God, because He promises steadfastness. Fear God, since our souls are accountable to Him. In the end, He judges if we love God or if we loved ourselves. Fear Him with awe and reverence.

It is God’s intricate watch care that is the ultimate comfort and security for the believer. In our passage:

Luke 12:5 – Fear Him.

Luke 12:6-7 – We are told why.

  • Fear Him, because you are valuable to God.
    • He has knowledge of all things and His relationship with us is intimate.
    • Jesus uses a comparison in His teaching. He uses minuscule examples or simply “tiny nothings” in the illustration.
    • Five sparrows and two little coins are comparably insignificant.
  • Fear Him, because not one is forgotten before God (verse 6).
    • None escape His watch care.
    • Not a single one is neglected.
    • Cf. Job 38:39 – 39:1-30
  • Fear Him, because you are more valuable than these (verse 7).
    • Do not fear that God is unaware.
    • He knows everything that happens to us.
    • He watches with a caring eye and we are worth far more than these comparably small things.

Our problem is that we don’t believe we are worth more than minuscule things. We don’t believe God’s Word. We set our hearts on our script for life; on our design on how things should go. We want trouble-free living. We have great fears that our life will go this way or that way, so if it goes this way or that way, we do not trust in God’s plans.

Verse 7 tells us that the hairs on our head are all numbered by God. He counts them. They are individually known. God’s knowledge of us goes to that level of detail. The implication is that since God knows that detail, He knows every detail and the most important things about us. He certainly knows what we need the most.

What are we to do? The command is explicit. We are not to be afraid of life, people, and circumstances. We are to trust God. So, what if we are fearful?

  1. Rest in His promise of watch care.
    1. 1 Peter 5:7 – cast all unsettledness at His feet.
    2. Pray about your fear with specifics. Pray the passages such as this one which is rooted in trusting the Lord and His goodness.
  2. Speak truth to your own soul.
    1. Psalm 42:5 – Don’t be downcast, put your faith in God.
    2. Encourage your own heart with truth.
  3. Deepen your knowledge of God.
    1. Get to know Him better as He is revealed in God’s word.
  4. Exercise your faith muscle.
    1. Practice trusting God when nothing makes sense.
    2. Romans 4 tells us that Abraham trusted God without wavering. Follow his example.
    3. Allow yourself to be stretched in the trial. God can meet whatever need you have. He is able. He will meet the need He has planned for you and it will be for your best and His glory.
    4. Entrusting yourself to God in life’s most difficult trials allows faith to be forged in fire.
    5. In this exercise, you must stop sinning in your attitudes of doubt.
  5. Repent of the lies that you thought or said about God.
    1. Allow yourself to be humbled by Him.