Sunday, Jan 7, 2018
The Certain Destruction of False Teachers
Speaker: Todd Murray
Passage: 2 Peter 2:4-10a
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In order to deepen the church’s conviction of God’s future judgment of the unrighteous, Peter provides three compelling examples from the history. 


1. God’s Past Judgment of Angels [vs. 4]

2. Gods Past Judgment of the World of Noah [vs. 5]

           A. The Lord’s Destruction of the World [vs. 5a & c]

           B. The Lord’s Deliverance of Noah’s Family [vs. 5b]

3. God’s Past judgment of Sodom & Gomorrah [vs. 6-8]

           A. The Lord’s Destruction of the Cities of the plain [vs. 6]

                     1. Their Utter Annihilation [vs. 6a]

                     2. Their Perpetual Example [vs. 6b]

           B. The Lord’s Deliverance of Lot [vs. 7-8]

                     1. His Character Affirmed [vs. 7a]

                     2. His Conscience Assaulted [vs. 7b-8]

4.  The Conclusion [vs. 9-10a] 

A. God’s Present Rescue of the Righteous [vs.9a]

           B. God’s Future Punishment of the Unrighteous [vs. 9b-10]