Sunday, Jun 4, 2017AM Service
Thank God when Ministry is Troubling
Speaker: Jon Anderson
Passage: 2 Corinthians 2:14-17
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In today’s passage (2 Corinthians 2:14-17), the Apostle Paul instructs us on thankfulness in ministry.  He teaches us two things that cause us to be thankful and he also gives us two reasons for thankfulness in ministry.

Causes for thankfulness in ministry:

  1. Thankful for the perpetual triumph:
    1. Verse 14, it is clear, God always leads us to triumph in Christ Jesus
    2. The triumph is promised regardless of what I can observe.
    3. Perpetual = Always on-going!
  2. Thankful for the display of Christ through us:
    1. As we share Gospel truths, we make Christ known to believers and unbelievers.
    2. When Christ is being made known, God is pleased.
    3. God is pleased whether they respond in faith or not, because Christ is still on display.

Reasons for thankfulness in ministry:

  1. A polarizing message pleases God:
    1. God Himself is the audience for our ministry and testimony of Christ.
    2. God smells the sweet fragrance of the ministry, because Christ is being glorified in the message of the gospel.
    3. Admittedly, the message is polarizing to the world.
    4. Knowing Christ and making Him known to the world must be enough for us.
    5. The results of our ministry are left for God to accomplish.
  2. Unadulterated preaching comes from God:
    1. cf. 2 Cor. 3:5, our adequacy comes from God.
    2. The message is His and all results are God’s doing.
    3. We are not like those who are peddling or corrupting the message of the gospel.
      1. These are those who barter with the truth by “selling” the Word of God.
      2. When one adulterates the message, the gospel is mixed with man’s message and the result is no longer truth.