Sunday, Mar 19, 2017
Good Reasons for Rejoicing
Speaker: Todd Murray
Passage: Psalm 33:1-22
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The psalmist invites Israel to exult   

In four facets of the Lord’s person and work.


1. Call to Rejoicing (vs. 1-3)




2. Causes for Rejoicing (vs. 4-19)

A. Summary (vs. 4-5)




B. The Creating Word of the LORD (vs. 6-9)





C. The Sovereign Counsels of the LORD (vs. 10-12)





D. The Righteous Judgements of the LORD (vs. 13-15)




E. The Saving Lovingkindness of the LORD (vs. 16-19)




3. Commitment to Rejoicing (vs. 20-22)