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Thursday, Jan 12, 2017
Your Best Life Now by King Solomon (Part 1)
Speaker: Daron Roberts
Passage: Proverbs 2:1-4
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8 Conditions to enjoy your best life now (Verses 1-4) 
Condition 1: If you will be a learner and build up a store house of truth in your mind 
Condition 2: If you will love the word, even commandments, above all else in your life 
Condition 3: If you will actively listen to truth as if your depends on it 
Condition 4: If you will intentionally soften your heart and bend your will under truth 
Condition 5: If you will dependently make supplications for discernment 
Condition 6: If you will desperately pray to see implications 
Condition 7: If you will pursue truth with urgency and intensity 
Condition 8: If you will seek truth out with fervor and enthusiasm