Sunday, Dec 18, 2016
Becoming The Husband God Has Called You To Be (Part 4)
Speaker: Daron Roberts
Passage: 1 Peter 3:7
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In 1 Peter 3:7, Peter tells fellow Husbands that they only have two simple jobs as the lead their wife

  1. Purposely lead your wife according to PHD Knowledge
  2. Reverently Honor your wife as a Co-heir of Grace

And then Peter gives one single motive of why husband should lead this way:  If you don't, you will have an unfruitful Christian life: "thwarted prayers".

To purposely lead your wife according to PHD knowledge, a husband must strive in these 7 areas

  1. He must have theological knowledge of who she is by design
  2. He must have theological knowledge of who he is by design
  3. He must have a particular knowledge of his unique bride
    • Knowledge of her temptations/tendencies universal
    • Knowledge of her temptations/tendencies individual
    • Knowledge of her desires for current growth
    • Knowledge of her past; what makes her who she is
    • Knowledge of her  present; what makes up her the day to day
    • Knowledge of her future; what does she need to prepare for
    • Knowledge of her hopes, dreams, and desires
    • Knowledge of what brings her most joy
    • Knowledge of what burdens she is carrying
  4. He must have a knowledge of his self-absorbed tendency
  5. He must have a working knowledge of the Word of God
  6. He must have an experiential knowledge, resulting in a credible life
  7. He must have an active knowledge as a churchmen