Tuesday, Dec 6, 2016
2016 Grace and Granite - Questions & Answers
Speaker: Jerry Wragg
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In today’s session of the Men of Grace & Granite, Jerry Wragg led a year ending question and answer session.  The men in the room asked several questions about sharing the gospel with unbelievers.  In addition to the sound wisdom provided, Jerry suggested several other resources for further study.  Of course, we study these materials, so that we can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in love.  Here are the materials and a link to find them:

Iain Murray, “The Invitation System” https://www.amazon.com/Invitation-System-Iain-H-Murray/dp/0851511716/

R.C. Sproul, “Are We Together? A Protestant Analyzes Roman Catholicismhttps://www.amazon.com/Together-Protestant-Analyzes-Roman-Catholicism/dp/1567692826/

James G. McCarthy, “The Gospel According to Rome: Comparing Catholic Tradition and the Word of God” https://www.amazon.com/Gospel-According-Rome-Comparing-Tradition/dp/1565071077/

Henry Bettenson & Chris Maunder, “Documents of the Christian Church” https://www.amazon.com/Documents-Christian-Church-Henry-Bettenson/dp/0199568987/

John Ankerberg – Online Resource/Primer on the world’s religions https://www.jashow.org/articles/category/world-religions/