Sunday, Nov 13, 2016
Spiritual Sobriety in Suffering
Passage: 1 Peter 5:8-11
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As Peter wraps up his first epistle in verses 8-11 of chapter 5, he posts two complementary realizations for when we face suffering and persecution.

  1. (vv.8-9) We must first realize our responsibility in facing suffering and persecution.
    1. (vv. 8-9a) Our primary obligations:
      1. Sober-mindedness
      2. Alertness
      3. Resistance
    2. (v.9b) Our panoramic outlook.
  2. (vv.10-11) We must also realize our Resource in facing suffering and persecution.
    1. (v.10) God’s gracious provisions.
      1. According to His timing.
      2. According to Our needs:
        1. For restoration.
        2. For establishment.
        3. For strengthening.
        4. For stability.
    2. (v.11) Our grateful praise.