Monday, May 9, 2016
Walk By The Spirit (Part 2)
Speaker: Jerry Wragg
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We continued to examine “Walking by the Spirit” as part of our series on Biblical Counseling. 

Pastor Jerry walked us through the importance of Romans 8 (and various other passages) in the spirit-filled life of the believer (v.11-14).  Even though we are now “sons of God” as evidenced by “Spirit filled mortification”, we still too often stumble in unbelief.


  • We believe our own reasoning / assessment of failure, instead of what Scripture says.  Our own scorecard is often inaccurate.
  • When battling tenacious sin, we do not believe it should be this hard or take so long to achieve regular victory.
  • We do not actually believe in God’s plan for repentance.  We depend on our own resources in the battle and we fail to avail ourselves of God’s resources.  This leads to doubt and self-pity.
  • We are surprised by the schemes of Satan and the influences of the world.

When discipling others who are struggling to identify why they are experiencing failure, we must help them see there is an unbelief issue (a faith issue) at the core of their struggle. Often times that unbelief is manifested in a shallow view of our sin and surface approach to our repentance.

What is the net effect?

  • If we do not regularly repent, our communion with the Lord will be blunted and prayers will be hindered (1 Pe. 3:7; Ps 66:18; John 9:31).  Furthermore, our conscience will become dull, chastening can produce scars, and the Lord may leave us in a season of shallowness.  Do not be stubborn in repentance as Psalm 32 points out.  We must urgently soften our hearts to the Truth of God’s Word.

Men, this last series is not one we want to miss if we are going to be part of “strengthening core” of leaders at GIBC.  This is the marrow of body life!