Sunday, Feb 14, 2016
The Unmistakable Fruits of Repentance
Speaker: Daron Roberts
Passage: 2 Corinthians 7:9-11
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4 Reasons Paul was Rejoicing over the Corinthians Godly Sorrow that Led to True Repentance
1) Godly sorrow produces genuine repentance (9a-9b)
2) Godly sorrow leads to access to truth (9c-9d)
3) Godly sorrow leads to salvation (10)
4) Godly sorrow produces unmistakable Fruit (11)

The 7 Unmistakable Fruits of Godly Sorrow Leading to True Repentance:

  1. Earnestness: Unflinching in your commitment to no longer treat that sin casually or flippantly...but instead you are eagerly putting forth effort to see that sin killed
  2. Vindication of self: Making every effort to clear your name...which means you are no longer justifying, rationalizing, minimizing, manipulating or blame shifting in regards to your sin...but instead you are owning it, but working to "make right" what your conduct "made wrong".
  3. Indignation: Having a fresh and holy hatred for your sin because of how it offends God...and then working to rid your life of every area that still dishonor Him
  4. Fear: Fearing God's holiness in new ways...and then cultivating in your mind and heart a fresh perspective that views you sin how God views it
  5. Longing: Willing doing all you can reconcile all relationships (with God and others) that have been impacting by your sin
  6. Zeal: Jealously longing for God's glory in the area where you were stealing glory...and then working to restore His glory where you were previously stealing it
  7. Avenging of wrong: Unwavering in your willingness to accept whatever and all consequences that come as a result of your sin...Seeing those consequences as a grace to teach you to obey in the future