Sunday, Oct 10, 2021
Critical Thinking on Wellness of Body and Soul with Panel Discussion (Matt Waymeyer, Jerry Wragg, Brian Arnold)
Speaker: Jerry Wragg
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Near the end of Jerry’s sermon and before the panel discussion, Jerry reads an excerpt from J.C. Ryle’s writings titled “Christ in the Sick Room.” Below is Ryle’s introduction and his list of Christ’s nine lessons for us in sickness:


I do say that sickness ought to do us good. And I do say that God sends it in order to do us good. Affliction is a friendly letter from Heaven. It is a knock at the door of conscience. It is the voice of the Savior knocking at the heart's door. Happy is he who opens the letter and reads it, who hears the knock and opens the door, who welcomes Christ to the sick room. Come now, and let me show you a few of the lessons which He by sickness would teach us.

  1. Sickness is meant to make us think.
  2. Sickness is meant to teach us that there is a world beyond the grave.
  3. Sickness is meant to make us look at our past lives honestly, fairly, and conscientiously.
  4. Sickness is meant to make us see the emptiness of the world.
  5. Sickness is meant to send us to our Bibles.
  6. Sickness is meant to make us pray.
  7. Sickness is meant to make us repent and break off our sins.
  8. Sickness is meant to draw us to Christ.
  9. Sickness is meant to make us feel sympathy towards others.